MEE saves teachers time and energy by bringing together the best free resources and opportunities into a series of lessons and a five-step, whole-school journey.

We've rearranged the national curriculum around the big questions, helping schools teach through an environmental lens to provide the kind of education that's needed today.


Our journey started in 2021 with Minchinhampton Primary Acdemy, working with staff and pupils to develop an eco curriculum based on action. We then tested our approach with 15 schools across the country and measured the impact on the school community.


In 2022 we started working with secondary schools to explore an approach at KS3 and launched the Young Green Briton Challenge. We also partnered with organisations to scale and share our approach. By 2025 we aim to engage with half of all schools.

The MEE Curriculum

We’ve built a curriculum focussing on four key principles:


Learning through discovery and experience.


An attitude to the world.


Between humans and the rest of nature.

4Systems Thinking

Seeing the complexity and connections in the world.

The MEE approach focusses on developing human agency and empowering young people. Topics are based around big questions, creating a learning journey which weaves together resources from a variety of environmental organisations. The curriculum explores questions like: What’s really renewable? Is nature the answer? How much stuff is enough? Does anything ever go away? Is the climate breaking down? MEE seeks to unlock wider enrichment opportunities to develop learning beyond the classroom, embedding nature within every aspect of young people's lives.

Watch MEE in action

Meet some of the MEE pioneer schools
Explore how sustainability permeates Minchinhampton Academy
Liberty Woodland School

MEE for schools

All schools can join at any time and gain access to our curated curriculum, including detailed lesson plans as well as wider supporting materials. We support schools to embed sustainability through a 5 step approach pulling together wider green initiatives into the curriculum. Each lesson helps schools to be a catalyst for positive change in their local community. Building relationships with parents, organisations and the wider community through projects and activities.

Windsor Academy Trust

MEE for multi academy trusts

We support multi academy trusts to provide a coherent journey to embed sustainability across the curriculum in all their schools. Our approach is flexible and adaptable so that trusts can take inspiration from our curated journey and materials. We provide expert guidance and cpd to develop staff knowledge and ignite an enthusiasm for sustainability.

Local Authorities

MEE for local authorities

Working across sustainability officers and education departments, we provide guidance and a framework to support local authorities to achieve a coherent approach to sustainability in schools in their area. Our approach is flexible and allows local authorities to tailor guidance and support so that it fits with their local goals and supports teachers where necessary.

The latest MEE News

YGB Journey

Update - Young Green Briton Challenge

Read an update about our trial of the Young Green Briton Challenge.

5 Step Journey
Whole School

5 Step Journey

We've created a 5 step journey to help schools embed sustainability throughout the school.

Regional Climate Teacher Gatherings
Educator CPD

Regional Climate Teacher Gatherings

Join us for days of climate action at universities across the country



Due to the forthcoming train strikes we've had to POSTPONE the London Climate Teacher Gathering We're hoping to reschedule for July and will keep everyone updated with a new date Thanks for your understanding



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